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Welcome on my family's page!

My name is Christine Krueger, born Altrogge.

I'm living in a small village near the river Peene within the administrative district of Vorpommern-Greifswald.

For some years I have been tracking the traces of my ancestors.

My ancestors on the maternal side ALBRECHT and MILTZ had their roots in

Hither Pomerania, Farther Pomerania and Mecklenburg,

those of the parental side ALTROGGE and HILKEMEIER could be found in Lippe.


In the small village of Neu Plestlin, situated in the former district of Demmin,

a Pomeranian/Mecklenburger and a Lippe-line united in 1958.


upper photo: far right - my parents' home (date unknown)
upper photo: far right - my parents' home (date unknown)

04. Juli 1958            ALBRECHT OO ALTROGGE            Neu Plestlin

I like to present my results here and hope that they may be of use for others searching for ancestors.

Additional information (persons, places and events) is to be requested individually.

My wish is that this page may lead to a prosperous exchange of experiences and data.


How blest is he who his progenitors

With pride remembers, to the list'ner tells

The story of their greatness, of their deeds,

And, silently rejoicing, sees himself

Link'd to this goodly chain!


Goethe (Iphigenia in Tauris)




This site is, like probably every genealogical project, never really finished. I will work on the appearance as well as on implementing a gallery. Feel free to come back sometime soon!



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