aunt Sigrid ALTROGGE from Belle, who by handing over a farm history and old letters, prompted the passion

to investigate the family history.



all family members, especially my parents and my aunts Rosi ZIMMERMANN, Ilse DÜLLMANN and Lisa RÖWE,


- listened, remembered and answered my questions,

- rummaged around old paperwork and photographs,

- made certificates and photographs available,

- my cousin Andrea, for the thought and book exchange as well as encouraging pats on the back when

   searches came to a halt.



Members of

- the "Pomeranian Griffin eV", Association of Family and local history research

- the "Cammin-Liste"

- the "Demmin-Genealogy-Liste

- the "Greifswald-Genealogy-Liste"

- the "Grimmen-Genealogy-Liste"

- the "Lippe-Forum"

- the "Naturwissenschaftlicher und historischer Verein für das Land Lippe e.V - "Der Genealogischen Abend"

          (scientific and historic society for the country Lippe - "The Genealogic Evening")

- and the authors of local family registers,

for their support with many precious hints and for their selfless transfer of data and sources which they had

painstakingly collected.

I am grateful for many nice contacts.



friendly staff in

- registry offices

- church bureaus

- cemetery administrations

- archives

Mrs. Dr. Rita LÜDTKE, head of the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fünfeichen"

Mr. Wolfgang SCHIMMEL, chronicler of Neukalen (Mecklenburg)

family studies/genealogy PENKE 



especially Horst G., Willi K., Axel T., Olaf B. and Marie R..


This site could only emerge for I could trust on my husband and son's patient support in technical

and translation matters.


All this is not to be taken for granted!



If I forgot someone please pardon me.

Small solace: This site will be updated and improved regularly.



A mind once formed finds naught made right thereafter;

A growing mind will thank you evermore.





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