Why we are called ALTROGGE...


The name ALTROGGE first appears in our family in 1850 when

Heinrich Christoph ALTROGGE married Sophie Luise Henriette DICKEWIED.


Heinrich Christoph ALTROGGE died in 1858 only 45 years of age. The widow and motherof two small girls married again in 1861:

Friedrich Simon BRINKMEIER


But instead of BRINKMEIER, the name ALTROGGE was kept as name of the farmyard which was usual at that time in Lippe.

My ancestors can be traced back to the children of the second husband. They were called ALTROGGE but were genetically BRINKMEIER.


PS 2016:
New sources revealed to me that the name BRINKMEIER was passed on by marriage, so that the name of the farmyard could persist.

Circa 1762 Johann Bernhard BRINKMEYER died. His widow Anna Maria BRINKMEYER married again in 1762:

Johann Christoph AVENHAUS

It was the first marriage of Johann Christoph BRINKMEYER born AVENHAUS. My ancestors stem from his third marriage (1766) with Anna Sophie NIERE.


 online seit:  25.05.2014